East Anglian Brewers

seasonal special beers & lagers

From smooth dark stouts to porters. From seasonal special beers to lagers. There’s an exciting variety that awaits the discerning customer. For those who desire to sample the local flavours, and experience the unique varieties in the eastern part of England, excitement awaits here. Plenty of small breweries in the region, offer the best of their products via The East Anglian Brewers Co-operative. This cooperative provides a common platform for the various small breweries in the region.

Bringing together malting barley farmers of the eastern counties of England in one virtual space, all the information you want is right here. Sample some of the best malting barley worldwide and get all the names and details with us. As these farmers cultivate their crop with love and attention, they offer the best product at the best rate to the customers across the world. We also utilize top-tier technology in our breing machines to create the highest quality brews (you can learn more about that on this page).

Whether you plan to compare and contrast what the many small breweries have to often, if you desire to plan a trip to a few of these places, want to purchase from them or are just a connoisseur looking for the best, all the information is right here for you.

Sit back, relax and browse through all that we offer.