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About us

The East Anglian Brewers cooperative started operations in 2002. Based in Ickburgh, Norfolk, we work with a two-pronged approach, both for the brewers and customers.

For the brewers:

With East England cultivating some of the finest malting barley, the cooperative is a unifying platform for the many farmers in the region. It brings various producers of malting barley on one platform and gives them one voice. It allows them to network and learn from each other. It also looks after their welfare. With a democratic structure, East Anglian Brewers acts as a platform that celebrates, promotes and encourages the art and craft of microbreweries. Additionally, the cooperative enables that customers get a wide range of beers brewed with local malts and ales at equitable and just prices.

For the buyers:

With over 58 members and growing, the East Anglian Brewers cooperative is a one stop answer for your needs. Whether you’re considering different varieties and local flavours, planning a tour across the region, trying to procure the world’s best beer, we are here to help. The East Anglian Brewers helps you easily connect with its many members and help conduct trade that’s both fair and impartial.


To create thriving economy, foster networking for small breweries in East England such that they can fulfil their aspirations in a wholesome manner.


To create equitable opportunities for small breweries, and create a future for all members to succeed.