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Take the Tour

Tourists to the region, can enjoy a fascinating tour of the many breweries in East Anglia. These tours showcase the wonderful work of the breweries in the heart of the beautiful countryside. As many breweries operate in heritage buildings, visits there are a fascinating experience in themselves. Depending on the time at hand, one can plan to visit a few select breweries for a half day or a full one too. Those participating in the tour can see how these function. They can witness how brewing take place on each of the sites and understand the process that goes behind it. They can also taste the sample beers and specialities of the region.

Things to note:

With East England cultivating some of the finest malting barley, the cooperative is a unifying platform for the many farmers in the region. It brings various producers of malting barley on one platform and gives them one voice. It allows them to network and learn from each other. It also looks after their welfare. With a democratic structure, East Anglian Brewers acts as a platform that celebrates, promotes and encourages the art and craft of microbreweries. Additionally, the cooperative enables that customers get a wide range of beers brewed with local malts and ales at equitable and just prices.

For the buyers

  1. Those interested in participating need to write to us and choose the dates. We shall revert back to you with the availability and costs.
  2. It is important to remember that visits to breweries need one to walk and those with walking disabilities aren’t encouraged to participate. However, special considerations can be made in certain cases.
  3. Those interested in visiting need to wear flat footwear that covers the entire foot.